About the CEO

Brief Profile of Dominic Ansa-Asare

Dominic Ansa-Asare is a Christian and a Presbyterian who fellowships with the Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Sakumono Estates.

Dominic is an astute musician, music director and a sound engineer who has worked on many sound, audio and video related projects for corporate organizations, churches, choirs and individual musicians and funs of music across Ghana and beyond.

Dominic`s music career begun at an early age of nine (9) and he has since being an organist in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. In effect, for the past 40 years of his life, Dominic has served the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as an organist, a music director and sound engineer in many congregations of the Church. He has equally directed music for choirs of many other churches apart from the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Dominic has worked extensively in the music industry and have groomed numerous musical groups and individuals. He has a great experience as a consultant in the music and entertainment industry. With this vast experience as a music director and a sound engineer, and with the mission of transferring such accrued knowledge, expertise and experience to other people, Dominic started and establish the Music Solutions School- MSS. The Music Solutions School is a school that aims at meeting specific music needs of individuals and churches with varied musical backgrounds.

The MSS through Dominic and his team trained many individuals, choirs of churches and chorale groups in all the key areas of music and sound.

Though trained academically as an Agric Economist, Dominic`s love and passion for music grew stronger such that, he pursued further studies in music from the Berklee Institute in the United states of America. Specifically, he undertook and excelled in courses that include Voice Technique, Critical Listening, Advanced Audio Ear Training for Mix Engineers, Live Sound: Mixing and recording and Introduction to Digital Cinematography.

With an added value to his knowledge base in music, Dominic has engineered sound for many chorale groups in Ghana including the leading choir, Harmonious Chorale which recently won the Gold Medal at the World Choir Game held in South Africa.

Dominic has been the Chief Executive Officer of MIDO Productions for the past 19 years.